Enabling Keyboard Enthusiasts

About swillkb

I build tools to help keyboard enthusiasts build things

Plate & Case Builder

The foundation of every custom keyboard project is the plate and case. Most hobbyists do not have all the skills required to get from an idea to the finished product. This tool fills the gap, enabling people to focus on their design and not worry about the CAD files needed. The CAD files produced by this tool can be taken to any fabrication shop to be made.


JD45 Group Buy Website

I built this website for jdcarpe’s JD45 keyboard group buy. It uses the inexpensive $9.99/month Shopify plan as the ordering and fulfillment backend. This plan is cheap because it does not include a web UI, so this website is driven by the Shopify API. It integrates with PayPal to offer invoice generation and capture payment. It also integrates with easypost to produce real time shipping quotes based on the order details. It is a clean implementation with all the features you need to run a group buy.


GeekHack PM Search

GeekHack is a wonderful community with a lot of interesting people. If you are a regular on GH, you probably end up using the PM functionality quite a bit. The searching of PMs is lacking a lot of features, so this tool offers a lot of additional functionality to your GH PM inbox.

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GH60 Marketplace

The GH60 group buy has not gone very smoothly, but the final product is an excellent example of community collaboration. Since the group buy has taken so long to become a reality, many people’s situations have changed. Use this site to express interest in buying or selling GH60 related warez. Also, consider reviewing the GeekHack GH60 trading thread.